Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Michael Foot

Today the sun has finely set on a great man. The life long defended of peace, honesty and fairness as well as a life long Plymouth Argyle supporter passed away earlier this morning aged 96.

In my brief life (both actual and political) I have always regarded Michael Foot with a great deal of respect, He seems to have been the exact opposite of all the problems we have with politicians nowadays, where they are spineless flip-flopping on contentious policies and dropping others at the first dip in the polls Foot was resolute, when he was told that Labours manifesto promise of Nuclear disarmament was becoming an easy stick for the Tories to beat them with by highlighting Soviet military expenditure, Foot responded to the effect that if the prospect of Nuclear disarmament was unpopular then it would be harder to make it popular if it was not being championed by one of the two potential governing parties.I believe when we come to rate the 1980's definitively as a decade we should come to regard the 1983 election as a real disaster not for the Labour party or Socialism but for the whole nation.

He was a founding member of CND and was a life long supporter and promoter of Nuclear Disarmament, during his leadership he even made it one of his key manifesto pledges in the 83 election campaign. Speaking of which I'm sure we all know of the "longest suicide note in history" or to give it its real name the 1983 Labour party
Election Manifesto. Ignoring perhaps the fact that the SDP essentially the Labour parties Right wing had broken off taking with them a about as much votes as Labour lost in 83, as well as the Falklands war boost to Margaret Thatcher.

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