Saturday, 23 January 2010

UK Libel Reform

Readers of Private eye will no doubt be aware of the appalling state of Britains Libel laws, which allow the Rich and Corrupt around the world to punish journalists and scientists who dissent in the UK for very tenuous reasons. The judges allowed Khalid Bin Mahfouz a Saudi Banker to Sue the Author of Funding Evil Rachel Ehrenfeld even though she lives in New York and the book sold at the time of trial a mere 20 copies via Amazon.

Fortunately after a pretty glaring example the case against Simon Singh Pressure for reform has been mounting. Championed by the Libel Reform Campaign currently Libel reform seems to be making very encouraging strides into finally clearing up are dirty legal system. From the email they sent me as a supporter and there news items, it appears that many politicians are taken this issue seriously, The LibDems have made the issue a Manifesto commitment (stop sniggering)and Labours Jack Straw has been looking into the process with working group that has shown some promising signs.

But its not over yet.

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